Nostalgia  2.1.5
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAddTileMenuSpecification of the menu name displayed on the Add Component button of Tile
 CAsyncClass for asynchronous processing
 CCellCell data are arranged on the grid
 CCellObjectComponents that are attached in Create CellObject
 CChunkRendering chunk of Map
 CChunkGraphicA component for rendering Chunk on Canvas
 CCollider2DExtensionsExtension method of Collider2D
 CDontMoveAttributeAttribute to ensure that it can not move components by dragging and dropping to the Hierarchy window
 CMapComponents of 2D tile map
 CCellResultClass that will contain the result of Map.FindCell ()
 CMapColliderClass for Collider to combine
 CPoint2Classes for handling two-dimensional integer coordinates
 CProfilerScopeDisposable helper class that manages the Profiler.BeginSample / EndSample
 CPutTileAsyncDo Map.PutTile() asynchronously
 CRefreshAsyncDo Map.Refresh() asynchronously
 CRemoveTileAsyncDo Map.RemoveTile() asynchronously
 CSortingLayerChange the Sorting Layer of Renderer that is attached to the GameObject
 CSortingLayerFieldAttributeDisplay Sorting Layer's selection pop-up Attribute
 CStampClass that contains the stamp information of the Map
 CCellClass to store the cells of the stamp
 CTileData of the tile
 CTileBoxColliderBox type of tile collider
 CTileCircleColliderCircle type of tile collider
 CTileColliderConvenient class to specify the type of Collider2D by generic
 CTileColliderBaseBase class of TileCollider
 CTileComponentBase class of the Component can be added to the Tile
 CTileEdgeColliderEdge type of tile collider
 CTilePolygonColliderPolygon type of tile collider
 CPathClass that stores the vertices of each path
 CTileSetData of the tile set